YES Buzz 4G Cloud phone from Samsung to retail at RM599

The newest 4G corporation YTL Comms in addition to Samsung are releasing the world’s number one 4G mobile phone branded Yes Buzz. Now in Malaysia, an all-in-one 4G Internet connection and mobile phone are going to be in your hands. The Yes Buzz 4G cloud phone would be the first ever SIM-less cell phone created in Malaysia. The contact info usually is stored by cloud processing and practically all you must have is just the Yes identification. It is likely to be available in December 2010 and valued at RM599.

This Yes Buzz SIM-less mobile phone has a keyboard and a move-out keyboard set. The Online data transfer rate is usually supercharged with 4G and it also provides modem for your Computer system or Laptop. Your complete contact particulars are going to be synchronized with the 4G network system. Every Yes user page possesses high speed broadband Internet accessibility and a mobile phone no., thus resulting in smooth convergence of the data in addition to voice. The buyers not only have the benefit of high-speed mobile data application but will also have the Internet chat, SMS, and voice solutions. End users will surely have to purchase credit ratings to use the services; even so, there is 100 % no expiry time frame for the credit. Consumers are only going to reload once when they use up all their credit.

Yes Buzz 4G phone is mainly controlled within the usage model, whereby users will spend depend on how much their usage is, similar to power or water. The Yes 4G circle also provides approximately 30% discount to influence customers who work with data in huge quantities.

On the subject of coverage, Yes announced to possess a few thousand base stations which takes care of 65% of Peninsular Malaysia. As compared with P1 4G that’s below 800 base stations. This indicates a big difference weighing that P1 had started off much earlier.

Yes, the quickest 4G mobile Internet having voice will come out with 4 different kinds of equipments:-

1). Yes Go – A portable USB broadband dongle that is certainly 3 to 5X quicker than 3G USB modems. It’s the sleekest USB modem in the market with 270 degree spinning hinge function.

2). Yes Huddle – Plug and play 4G mobile hotspot, 25% battery lifespan more than 3G equipments, and chargeable through laptop while keeping yourself connected. This device is usually small enough to slide into your pocket (or maybe purse) and cuddle up in your hand. Enable you to share 4G with maximum 4 friends at home or away. This Wi-Fi router is able to be connected up to five equipments all at once via Wi-fi.

3). Yes Zoom – It is the strongest antenna in the marketplace. This type of wireless gateway the router works with Wifi in addition to Ethernet networking. You can just plug and play for ones desk phone. It truly is intended working with home and office.

4). Yes Buzz – Manufactured by Samsung company. More than just a mobile phone, works with messaging including IM, SMS and direct email. Yes Buzz 4G mobile phone doesn’t need a SIM card and likewise it acts as a USB modem.

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